The Complete Confidence Program™

For Women Who are Ready for Big Results!


You are a heart-centered woman who wants more out of life.

You know there is a bigger purpose for you but struggle to attain it.

You have spent your life attending to others and now want your own slice of the pie.

You are ready for more fulfillment, more meaning, and more money!

Daily Debism Coach Deb Stewart

The Four Main Achievements of Our Work Together


Module One: Mindset of Success!

 Your beautiful success foundation is built from the inside out. The difference between the wildly successful and the merely mediocre is not a matter of luck, or even skill, but how we think. Get your thoughts in alignment with the best in you. Mindset is everything! The best of us know that thinking the right thoughts, and taming your self-critic so that it works for you  is paramount to your success.

  • As a result of our work together you will learn to think in ways that are constructive, aligned, powerful, and focused. 
  • Instead of defeat, you'll think growth, problem solving, creatively and constructively. 
  • You'll let go of helpless thoughts that don't serve you. 
  • You'll learn what to do when fear arises. You'll understand the root of your self-doubt, so that it can stop sabotaging you. 
  • You'll end the resistance and thinking patterns which cost you ...everything. 
  • You will walk away as a master of your mindset. Happy. Focused. Clear. Powerful. 


Module 2: Indestructible Self-Belief!

 We all know that people who handle life well, achieve great things and prosper. Life’s easier when you believe in yourself. It’s a healthy appreciation of your talents, characteristics and abilities. It’s seeing yourself as special and entirely unique, like no other person on the planet. It's the confidence that comes from within, and it's entirely magnetic! This is what I want for you.

  • Imagine the feeling that you can handle whatever life throws at you
  • Imagine total self-acceptance so that you never again doubt your significance and your brilliance
  • Imagine feeling more optimistic, more enthusiastic about everything
  • Imagine knowing that you nothing will defeat you because you are so sure of yourself
  • Imagine how good life will feel when you are operating from your highest, strongest and best self

Confidence Coach Deb Stewart

Module 3: Emotional Resilience!

 Your ability to roll with the punches and adapt to stressful situations is a priceless life skill. It's also totally possible! It doesn't mean you won't experience difficulty or distress, it means you will push through it faster and easier. Instead of being thrown off course, you'll be able to manage your strong feelings and reactions. This includes your ability to process information, make decisions and continue moving towards your goals no matter what happens.

  • Learn how to get your energy (your emotion) in alignment with your thoughts and actions. 
  • Learn to recognize internal contradictions and course correct swiftly. 
  • Learn to safeguard yourself from negativity, criticism, setbacks, so that nothing stops your progress. 
  • Learn to manage your emotions as they arise so that you respond instead of react.
  • Learn how to recognize and manage the stress response in your body so that you overcome it more quickly
  • Learn to honor your feelings and communicate your emotion in a constructive, honest, respectful way.

Confidence Coach Deb Stewart

Module 4: Confident Communication Presence!

   Your success and relationships are too valuable to be sabotaged by a failure to communicate. Confident communication is the difference between getting results or getting nowhere. It includes your entire presence - energy, body language, spoken and unspoken. Developing a total confident communication presence enables you to act in your own best interests. This includes the ability to stand up for yourself without undue anxiety, to express your ideas and feelings comfortably, and to exercise your personal rights. 

  • Imagine speaking your mind, clearly and confidently to get the respect you deserve! 
  • Get your vocal tone and your words to match your message, so that people will take you seriously. 
  • Learn to say "no" and mean it!
  • Deal with conflicts (and difficult people), confidently, and in the moment 
  • Expand your personal charisma and effectiveness so that is compelling and effective

Life-Changing Benefits You Will Experience

  • Self-Acceptance
  • Increased Personal Charisma
  • Removal of Limiting Beliefs
  • Clarity of Purpose
  • Improved Decision-Making
  • Sticking to Your Guns
  • Confident Communication
  • Consistent Action & Follow Through
  • Release the Past 
  • Set Boundaries 
  • Overcome Fear & Worry
  • Release Guilt
  • Handle Criticism & Setbacks
  • Self-Determination
  • Improved Relationships
  • Results!


How it Works

24 private interactive coaching conversations with Coach Deb


  • I follow a 12-week one-on-one coaching plan, twice weekly calls.
  • Each module is devoted 3 teaching sessions and 3 open coaching sessions.
  • Each module has a dedicated workbook to track your learning and progress.
  • Sessions run for 50 minutes, via Zoom and/or phone
  • We will discuss your challenges and worries and I'll act as your sounding board for decisions. 
  • Our relationship is designed as an alliance between two equals, for the purpose of meeting your needs.
  • There is a built-in structure of accountability; accountability gets you results.
  • Homework is routinely assigned. This is growth work. I will challenge you, but never more than you can handle.
  • I am bound by our confidentiality agreement. Nothing is shared with anyone unless you choose to share it.

In Between Calls

  • Unlimited email / text correspondence with me
  • Access to me whenever something urgent arises
  • I only work with a limited number of clients at a time and only those who are serious and ready. 

Your Investment

Option A: $2,376 payable in one single payment

Option B: $720.00 per module payable at the start of each segment