Hello Beautiful.

There is a truism in life: things always get worse before they get better. Whenever you make a stand for your life and decide to let something go that not longer fits you (a failed relationship, an ill-fitting job or business, a geographical change), you enter the place between where you were and where you want to be. And in this place of transition, things are unsettled. Routines are disturbed. Familiarity is gone. And life as you knew it disappears.

There is a certain panic that sets in as you realize that you cannot go back to your comfort (even in misery there is a certain level of comfort), and the new realm you are entering does not yet fit you since you have not yet grown completely into it. So things are bumpy and challenging and difficult and ... well... sucky.

So what typically happens in the phase is that we get emotionally off kilter. We breakdown, we cry, we scream, we lament, we fight, we blame, we panic, and we lash out. All of this is symptomatic of the transition we are in. What's worse is that this is when ALL the bad news of your life surfaces. Why? Because this is the process of "break down" (meaning you are breaking down one level of your life to prepare for the next).

Nobody goes from comfort to breakthrough. The process is comfort - breakdown - breakthrough. Always. For everyone.

The key to navigating this with success is very simple ... JUST KEEP MOVING FORWARD. These transitional periods do not last long. And on the other side of this chaos, is exactly what you hope to find. Standing on the other side of this experience you will absolutely declare "that was so worth it". Because it is.

To Your Amazing Success, xx