Hello Beautiful.

I know sometimes life can be difficult. I know sometimes that people hurt your feelings. I know sometimes that obstacles seem impossible. I know sometimes that you bang your head against a wall. I know sometimes that you cry. I also know, that you never give up.

Today I want to remind you of the truth about yourself in case you have forgotten: YOU are amazing and strong and brave and wonderful! YOU are made of divine essence and are a miracle of miracles. YOU are a warm, brilliant, loving, bright light. YOU are a significant presence in this world and your life has changed this world. YOU are the most beautiful, from the most high, and you live with grace and kindness.

Never again doubt how awesome you are! Never again question your capability! Never again question if you are made of the "right stuff", or if you have it in you to go the distance. Because the truth of you, is that you are one magnificent glorious human being. And without question, your gifts are equally as magnificent and glorious.

Start believing in your own power. Start believing in your own strength. Start believing in your own gifts. Start believing in your own abilities. Because of this I am completely sure: YOU are so so so needed!  Push Push Push Push. All lights are green.

Now go and seize this day!