Hello Beautiful.

It is great to be back with you again. The holiday break for me was both restful and productive, and I did enjoy staying in touch with so many of you over the holidays. It was wonderful to see all of your photos of fun family times as you celebrated together. Brought me joy! I am well rested and invigorated ... woot woot!

Now here we find ourselves, at the promise of a beautiful New Year, bright, shiny and happy lol. Whatever your thoughts about resolutions, there is no denying that there is an optimism that we feel in January, as we do with every new beginning. It holds a promise that fuels hope as we dust off our long held dreams and breathe new life into them.

If that is your desire, then stick with me. This year, there will be a larger focus upon action and progress in my messages. Because I happen to think that your dreams are worthy of you. So with that in mind, let me challenge you with this ...

See Everything You Do as a Stepping Stone to Greatness.

Because no measure is too small, no act is mundane or meaningless, no step too little, if we do it with the intention of GREATNESS. Everything you do is an expression of your life energy, (which btw happens to be a miracle of epic proportions), so infuse joy and energy into your action.

When you walk, infuse it with joy.

When you talk, infuse it with enthusiasm.

When you cook, infuse it with love.

When you set goals, infuse it with commitment.

When you work, infuse it with passion.

When you leap, do it with gusto.

When you fall, do it with style.

When you fail, jump up and do it better.

Commit to your best this year. And watch, oh just watch what happens! (Get excited!)

2019 Strong, xx