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Self-Esteem for Daughters

This 12 week one-on-one program is a beautiful experience of support. Designed for young women (18-30) who are struggling with self-esteem and low confidence, which may affect her decision making, behavior, and relationships.

The goal of building self-esteem is to recognize and appreciate her sense of personal worth and to value herself in a way that allows her to live an authentic, happy, and fulfilling life.

A combination of teaching, mentoring, and coaching, this esteem building program lays a strong foundation for your daughter's positive journey through life.

The Four Foundations of Success

Confidence Coaching

Self-Talk for Success

Our internal monologue frequently involves thoughts specifically related to who we are and how we feel about ourselves. When self-esteem is low, we send constant internal messages about our inadequacies and faults. Negative self-talk and low self-esteem become a vicious cycle.

Self-talk for success identifies those patterns, connects the relationship between thoughts and feelings, and provides tools to develop a better internal dialogue that supports positive growth and development.

Personal Responsibility and Self-Acceptance

The goal is to achieve healthy, positive self-esteem across all situations within your life. It means accepting and being comfortable with yourself as you are - accepting both your strengths and weaknesses.

Self-acceptance acknowledges all parts of who you are. It involves self-compassion, treating yourself with respect, and being a good friend to yourself.

This is built upon the foundation of personal responsibility, and  understanding the active role we each take in creating a healthy, constructive, happy life.

Sel Esteem
Confidence Coaching

Self-Concept and Body Image

Preoccupation with physical flaws and struggles with a negative body image, cultivate low self-esteem and can lead to serious problems. The distorted and negative messages regarding body parts and physical appearance can become a fixation, and large contributor to not being "good enough".

While it is good to put time and effort into one's appearance, it's important that the motivator is health and to feel good.

In this module, we focus on worth that is inherent, and not a reflection of how you measure up to the various images in pop culture.

Assertiveness and Boundaries

The ability to stand up for yourself or ask for what you want is an essential life skill for women today. Identifying one's needs, and understanding that they are important, is critical for self-expression and protection.

When you learn to speak up for yourself, you become more confident and are better able to protect yourself. As you become more assertive, you'll find that you like yourself more, have a stronger sense of self-worth, and are better able to enforce healthy boundaries.

Self-Worth and Assertive Communication lay the foundation for equality in relationships.

Daughter's Self Esteem

Next Steps...

If you believe the young woman in your life is a candidate for this program, and would like to discuss the possibility, click the link and send me a private message.