Hello Beautiful.

Every once in a while I come across a truism that hits me square; today it was this: "Never feel guilty for doing what is best for you." Likely because feeling guilty is the hallmark of the "nice girl", as much as always putting the needs of others first. While it may seem like a beautiful characteristic, altruism comes with a deep price. Namely, we run ourselves ragged. And sometimes into the poor house.

Chances are you have been taught to always put others first. And that you should ignore your own needs while you attend to the needs of others. The problems is, neglecting yourself makes you deeply resentful. It also makes you less effective.

And this doesn't just apply to our personal relationships.

Business owners/leaders who always put the needs of our clients or staff ahead of their own suffer from the same affliction. It may seem like a good idea - after all the customer is always right - but it doesn't take long before you have a business which is running you, with clients setting your terms and conditions, and comes no where near the level of freedom and satisfaction you expect to feel. How long can a person stand the weight of that before collapse is inevitable?

I understand that all leaders are here to serve, myself included, but if I am leading you, is it not in your best interest that I come from a place of health, energy, vitality, and sanity? ☺

Look, all I am saying is, you have the right ... scratch that .... you have the obligation to attend to your needs first. And from that place you are in the right place to contribute. Think about it.

With abundance of love, xx