Hello Beautiful.

Have you noticed that people who struggle with relationships, have always struggled with relationships? Have you also noticed that people who are late are always late? And people who struggle with weight, money, procrastination, letting go, have always struggled with these issues?

The truth is, we are all walking, talking, breathing bundles of habits. Day in and day out, we think the thoughts we have always thought. We speak the same words. We believe the same things. We blame the same people. And we respond very very predictably to life. It's become tough to surprise people.

Sometimes that serves us. Because routines and rituals make us efficient, accountable, and reliable. All good. But too often it hurts us. Because we get caught in these perpetual loops of bad experiences like one big run on sentence. There just is no end.

I want to impress upon you today how important it is to for you to recognize the patterns in your life. Where is your consistent pain? What do you struggle with over and over? And when will enough become enough. Because it is only YOU who can change it.

The really really great news, is that you can absolutely change it. Ask yourself these 2 questions:

  1. If not now, then when? (How much longer are you prepared to live with it?)
  2. If now me, then who? (Who will change it for you?)

Put a period on the end of a pattern. Put a period on the end of an experience. And write yourself a new story. Today: do something different.

To your amazing success, xx