Hello Beautiful.

I woke this morning agitated with myself. Because I missed my 5 am deadline to get today's post completed.

If you know me well, you know how much this bothers me, because you know my lifelong struggle with perfectionism. Perhaps you struggle with this same affliction. So as I am beating myself up, this came to me:

Hold yourself to a standard of GRACE, not a standard of perfection.

Beautiful isn't it? When the wisdom came to me, I forgave myself and got into action.

So what does it mean to hold oneself to a standard of grace and not perfection?

It means to go through life with thoughtfulness, thankfulness, kindness, contribution, helpful attitude, poise, dignity, and forgiveness. It means do your best, and come from a good place.

It means give more than you take. It means stay strong, stay sure, and stay composed when you stumble.

And it also means, recover to the best of your ability. And get into motion, not into regret.

Do you know what? That is a beautiful standard for life. No one could ask for anything more from you.

To your amazing success, xx