Hello Beautiful.

Never be afraid to look at yourself. Never be afraid to tell yourself the truth. Never cover up the parts of you that you have labeled "bad". Because all of you is worthy of love. The more you hide of yourself the less love and forgiveness you can receive. And the less likely you will make the changes in your life you desperately want to make.

Every person you have ever known, every person who has ever lived for that matter, has a pocket of themselves which they close off to the rest of the world. Because they are deeply embarrassed or deeply ashamed. Take some comfort knowing that you are in very good company.

But being in good company does not take away the sting you feel about it.

Do you know what does take the sting away? Self-Compassion. Compassion means offering understanding and kindness to others when they fail or make mistakes, rather than judging them harshly. Today apply that compassion to yourself.

Learn to look at yourself with compassionate eyes. Because the judgement and the shame and the rejection you feel towards yourself will become the judgment you see reflected in the eyes of others. When what you really deserve, is full and complete LOVE for the beautiful human being you are.

Honestly and lovingly examining the aspects of you that you wished were different gives you a beautiful opportunity to ask the questions, Can I live with this? Or do I want to do something about this? Have I forgiven myself for this? Can I grow from this?

Shine a light on your life. Shine a light on all of beautiful pieces of your existence. Never hide yourself. And when you are ready to reach for help and support, I hope you do so with full acceptance and hope for complete acceptance and healing.

To Your Amazing Success, xx