Fresh Start Program

The Fresh Start Program

This 30 day signature program is designed for the woman who is making a fresh start in her life. A woman who is asking the question: "What's next?" Who wants to get clear about her purpose, her values, and establish a clear path for her future with well defined goals and a road map to get there. Consists of two parts:

1) The Fresh Start Pathfinder Workbook

  • This is a comprehensive, all encompassing workbook - filled to the brim with great content!
  • Self-Discovery Questions to help you get clear about what matters most
  • 17 Different Self-Coaching Tools, including: Life Purpose, Values, Beliefs, Skills Finder, Goal worksheets, and more
  • Clarity exercises and exact steps to set your path of success
  • Daily Habit Dashboard to track progress

2) Live Weekly Webinar with Coach Deb:

  • Each Monday for 4 weeks, starting the 1st Monday of each month
  • Live group webinar led by Coach Deb, fully recorded for future playback and reference
  • Week 1: Mindset of Success (confidence, self-belief)
  • Week 2: Getting in Motion (clarity, motivation)
  • Week 3: Staying in Motion (discipline, commitment)
  • Week 4: Overcoming setbacks (fear, criticism, self-doubt)

The output is a completed life strategy map, and a step by step game plan to create the life you really really want.

Are You a Good Candidate for this Program?

This program is ideal for women who are self-directed. Who have the desire for more, but need some tools and support to get in motion. Who are looking for a more affordable option, or lighter support, than one-on-one coaching, but would still like the benefit of a framework to follow, and the guided wisdom of a great coach!

The Cost

$89.00 (I know right?!) - So Affordable! Payable in one single payment. Easy Peasy - click the link.