Confidence Coaching

Hello Beautiful. Is this You?

You are a heart-centered woman who wants more out of life.
You know there is a bigger purpose for you but you struggle to define it, or attain it.
You have spent your life attending to others and now want your own slice of the pie.
You are ready for more fulfillment, more meaning, more happiness!

Keener Sense of Self, and Confidence Galore!

Through my Quantum Confidence Coaching, you will grow! Your confidence, sense of power will be higher, and your understanding of yourself will be keener. You'll acquire new ways of thinking that will continue to serve you long after the program ends. In other words, this will change you in the most positive, constructive way. Forever.

The Four Main Achievements of our Work:

Mindset of Success

Your beautiful success foundation is built from the inside out. The difference between the wildly successful and the merely mediocre is not a matter of luck, or even skill, but how we think. Getting your thoughts in alignment with the best in you, and the best you want to create will be at the forefront of our work together. Mindset is everything! The best of the best know that thinking the right thoughts and taming your self-critic is paramount to your success.


Indestructible Self-Belief

We all know that people who handle life well, achieve great things and prosper all have greater levels of self-belief than the average person. They really do. When the going gets tough, people with indestructible self-belief dig deep into themselves to rise up. Life is easier when you believe in yourself. It's a healthy appreciation of your talents, character, and abilities. It's seeing yourself as unique and valuable. It's the knowing that "no matter what", you got this. This is what I want for you!

Indestructible self belief

Emotional Resilience

Your ability to roll with the punches and adapt to stressful situations without getting thrown off course is a priceless life skill. It's also totally possible! It doesn't mean you won't experience difficulty or distress. It means you will push through it faster and easier, so that your downtime is significantly reduced. Instead of being thrown off course, you'll be able to manage your strong feelings and reactions. This includes your ability to process information, make decisions, and continue moving towards your goals, no matter what happens.

emotional resilience

Confident Communication

Your success and relationships are too valuable to be sabotaged by a failure to communicate with effectiveness. Confident communication is the difference between getting results, or getting nowhere. It includes your entire presence - energy, body language, spoken and unspoken. Developing a total confident communication presence enables you to act in your own best interest. This includes the ability to stand up for yourself without undue anxiety, to express your ideas and feelings comfortably, and to exercise your personal rights.

confident communication

How The Program Works

12 weekly private interactive coaching conversations with Coach Deb

  • sessions run for 50 minutes, via Skype or phone
  • I follow a 12 week coaching plan, to get you and keep you on track
  • we will discuss your challenges as I listen deeply for hidden values and limiting beliefs
  • our relationship is designed as an alliance between equals, for the purpose of meeting your needs
  • there is a built-in structure of accountability; accountability gets you results
  • homework is routinely assigned. This is growth work. I will challenge you, but never more than you can handle
  • I am bound by our confidentiality agreement. Nothing is shared with anyone unless you choose to share it

I only work with a limited number of clients at a time, and only those who are serious and ready.

Your Investment

3 months one-on-one with Coach Deb:

Option A: $1400 payable in one single payment. This is phenomenal value for this level of support.

Option B: $600 today and two monthly payments of $600, thirty days apart.

Before you and I can decide if this is the right fit for you, I request a complimentary Discovery call. This will answer all of your questions and give both of us the confidence to proceed together.

Take the easy first step!

Book Your Discovery Call!

Please complete the Discovery Questionnaire in advance of our call together. The call itself will last about 40 minutes. There is no charge and no obligation.