Call Yourself Out With This Q

Hello Beautiful.

I read the most striking truism today: we attract what we feel worthy of. It made me examine my own life and decisions for evidence of "truthiness". (If that's not a word, it should be lol). The evidence was plentiful.

We are always attracting opportunities, but we only say "yes" to those which we feel worthy of. In other words, we shy away from things when we don't feel ready. (By ready, I mean feel good enough for.) That includes business opportunities, personal opportunities, even romantic partners.

We may wish for it all day long, but the test of our worthiness shows up only when we say yes.

Looking back on my own life, I can recall countless times opportunity knocked for me, almost to exact specifications of the future I'd imagined, and yet time after time I closed the door. I found excuses to say "not now".  I let my own "logic" (aka fear logic) talk me out of it. But in truth, it was the fear of not feeling ready enough, or worthy enough.

Hesitation still happens. And it will always happen - for every person on their personal path of evolution. It matters not who you are, or how big you are. The only difference being, the game is bigger and the stakes are higher. But the feeling of "am I ready for this?" is the same.

Today, when that fear pattern is in progress, here's the question I use to call out myself ..

"Would my wiser future self advise me to say yes to this?" Or, sometimes I phrase it like this: "Would my Dad, who has passed but is ever present and loving to me, advise me to say yes to this?"

Do something your future self will thank you for.

With abundance of love, xx

Stop Pushing!

Hello Beautiful.

Have you noticed that when you PUSH, the universe pushes back?
Have you noticed that when you FORCE, you get resistance?
Have you noticed that when you stress, and storm, lash out and fight, you get more conflict?

And have you also noticed ...

That when you relax, everyone around you relaxes.
That when you trust, things tend to line up for you.
And when you feel open, optimistic and grateful, life gets easier.

The secret to life, is that you are the creator of your experience. Life is always an echo of who you are being in the world. You may wonder "why" you are experiencing chaos, confusion, or upset, or "why" you are experiencing abundance, prosperity and joy. It isn't luck and happenstance. YOU are the why.

Understanding cause and effect is critical to your success. You always want to be on the cause side of the equation. And you ARE always on the cause side of the equation. The "effects" show up as results and circumstances.

Thinking of yourself on the effect side of the equation puts you in a powerless position. It's also incorrect. The "effects" are the result of who you are being in the world (thoughts, feelings actions). What you put out there, you get back. Always.

Think constructive thoughts. Be mindful of your energy. Believe in yourself. Think the best of others. Trust your path. Relax into it. Get into flow. Stop resisting. And enjoy your life. It is after all a brilliant life.

Be Blessed! (Because you are), xx

Perfect Isn’t Required

Hello Beautiful.

I woke this morning agitated with myself. Because I missed my 5 am deadline to get today's post completed.

If you know me well, you know how much this bothers me, because you know my lifelong struggle with perfectionism. Perhaps you struggle with this same affliction. So as I am beating myself up, this came to me:

Hold yourself to a standard of GRACE, not a standard of perfection.

Beautiful isn't it? When the wisdom came to me, I forgave myself and got into action.

So what does it mean to hold oneself to a standard of grace and not perfection?

It means to go through life with thoughtfulness, thankfulness, kindness, contribution, helpful attitude, poise, dignity, and forgiveness. It means do your best, and come from a good place.

It means give more than you take. It means stay strong, stay sure, and stay composed when you stumble.

And it also means, recover to the best of your ability. And get into motion, not into regret.

Do you know what? That is a beautiful standard for life. No one could ask for anything more from you.

To your amazing success, xx


The Promise of a New Year

Hello Beautiful.

It is great to be back with you again. The holiday break for me was both restful and productive, and I did enjoy staying in touch with so many of you over the holidays. It was wonderful to see all of your photos of fun family times as you celebrated together. Brought me joy! I am well rested and invigorated ... woot woot!

Now here we find ourselves, at the promise of a beautiful New Year, bright, shiny and happy lol. Whatever your thoughts about resolutions, there is no denying that there is an optimism that we feel in January, as we do with every new beginning. It holds a promise that fuels hope as we dust off our long held dreams and breathe new life into them.

If that is your desire, then stick with me. This year, there will be a larger focus upon action and progress in my messages. Because I happen to think that your dreams are worthy of you. So with that in mind, let me challenge you with this ...

See Everything You Do as a Stepping Stone to Greatness.

Because no measure is too small, no act is mundane or meaningless, no step too little, if we do it with the intention of GREATNESS. Everything you do is an expression of your life energy, (which btw happens to be a miracle of epic proportions), so infuse joy and energy into your action.

When you walk, infuse it with joy.

When you talk, infuse it with enthusiasm.

When you cook, infuse it with love.

When you set goals, infuse it with commitment.

When you work, infuse it with passion.

When you leap, do it with gusto.

When you fall, do it with style.

When you fail, jump up and do it better.

Commit to your best this year. And watch, oh just watch what happens! (Get excited!)

2019 Strong, xx


Your Three Levels of Harmony

Hello Beautiful.

How did you wake today? What thoughts occupied your mind before you rose? Were your thoughts empowered and joyful? Or were they sad, negative, or anxious? Here is why I am asking...

The way you start your day affects your entire day. It determines whether you'll see opportunities and seize them - or retreat into comfort. Whether you'll feel confident and rise, or feel defeated and hide. All from your first few minutes of wakefulness.

Today I want you to understand that everything you think and believe is experienced in your entire being - mind, body, spirit. What you know, you know on all 3 levels. What you desire, you desire on all 3 levels. What you feel, you feel on all 3 levels. That means, when you are pursuing your dreams and goals, you must have harmony on all 3 levels.

It serves you no good just to think about what you want. And not get into action.
It serves you no good to just go through the motions. And not feel it in your spirit.
It serves you no good to feel prompted by spirit, and let your mind talk you out of it.

Harmony, alignment, integration - in all 3 levels of your being. THAT'S the path of success.

To Your Amazing Success, xx