Are You in Contradiction?

Hello Beautiful

Today I want to talk to you about contradictions, and how imperative they are to your success plan. Whenever you have an idea and a desire for something you would like to manifest in your life, and you cannot get progress, there are 3 possibilities:

1. You don't have a strong enough passion for it (it's more of a wish than a calling)
2. You really really want it but your fear looms large and interferes
3. You have an internal contradiction between what you really want, and a belief which is beneath the surface.

For example, you think you want something, but you also have a simultaneous belief "well that's going to create problems for me over here". Or "if I do this, then I will have to let go of that." Or "there is gonna be a heavy price for this, am I really up for this?"

These are the contradictions which halt your progress, and they are all internally generated. As you've heard me say, you are the creator of your experience and that includes your success. The Universe and all that is takes all of its cues from you and will line up behind you as soon as YOU commit.

If you really really want what you say you want, pay VERY close attention to all of the contradictions you send yourself. Bring them to light, challenge them, then make a decision. Forward or backward. You have all the power.

To your amazing success, xx


The Truth of You

Hello Beautiful.

I know sometimes life can be difficult. I know sometimes that people hurt your feelings. I know sometimes that obstacles seem impossible. I know sometimes that you bang your head against a wall. I know sometimes that you cry. I also know, that you never give up.

Today I want to remind you of the truth about yourself in case you have forgotten: YOU are amazing and strong and brave and wonderful! YOU are made of divine essence and are a miracle of miracles. YOU are a warm, brilliant, loving, bright light. YOU are a significant presence in this world and your life has changed this world. YOU are the most beautiful, from the most high, and you live with grace and kindness.

Never again doubt how awesome you are! Never again question your capability! Never again question if you are made of the "right stuff", or if you have it in you to go the distance. Because the truth of you, is that you are one magnificent glorious human being. And without question, your gifts are equally as magnificent and glorious.

Start believing in your own power. Start believing in your own strength. Start believing in your own gifts. Start believing in your own abilities. Because of this I am completely sure: YOU are so so so needed!  Push Push Push Push. All lights are green.

Now go and seize this day!


When Life Gets the Better of You

Hello Beautiful.

There are days on the way to ... wherever it is you are determined to go ... that you just don't feel like journeying. Despite the promise of what lies ahead.

It's okay. Stop and rest. Forcing is not the answer.

There are days on the way to doing ... whatever it is you are determined to do ... that you just don't feel appreciated. Despite knowing the impact you have.

It's okay. Do it anyway. For yourself. And feel good keeping your word.

There are days on the way to discovery ... that you discover ... the path you are on just doesn't do it for you anymore. Because your heart has left.

It's okay. Not every road is forever. But every road has served you.

There are days on the path to freedom ... that you realize ... despite your striving, loving, caring, beautiful effort, your freedom was there all along. 

The freedom,

  • to dream your own dreams
  • to choose your own actions
  • to rest when you are weary
  • and play when you want to play
  • to change course if it pleases you
  • and follow your own path, your way.

And on that day, you whisper "thank you".

2018 Strong, xx

The Beauty of a Fresh Start

Hello Beautiful

Building self-belief is one thing, but keeping it something different all together. Living through the experience of a setback can be devastating to your ego, your confidence and your belief in yourself. Let's be real - failure stings. Big failure hurts. And complete failure can bring you to your knees. Ask me, I've been there.

Retreating and licking your wounds is a natural and reasonable response. I will never tell you to ignore the pain of it. But I will advise you to regroup as quickly as your ego will allow. Never ever ever let a setback stop you from growth!

Failures are opportunities to reassess. It does not mean the idea is wrong. It might mean the vision or the implementation needs work. And your creative problem solving is all that is required to get the result you need. As long as you are not stubbornly force-fitting a solution when your intuition is telling you to walk away. If you are unsure, pause and listen to your inner wisdom. Trust it.

My point is this: self-belief should never be tied to your results. It should always be tied to your resiliency. When you get to the place where you can keep yourself moving forward no matter what happens ... all doors will open to you.

Never downplay the brilliance of a fresh start. They are beautiful!

To your amazing success! xx