Hello Beautiful.

This week as I was cleaning my office I came across a love note I wrote to myself last year. I entitled it "My Kindness Plan", meaning my own kindness to myself. On it was a list of 10 daily commitments to my growth, wellness and well being. One of the items really jumped out at me - mainly because I was NOT doing it.

Instantly I got a case of the guilts. I don't think there is anything worse than not keeping a promise to yourself. It signals a lack of self-love; and I am all about self-love.

Predictably the (it's not my fault) excuses surfaced:

  • I moved and had forgotten about the note
  • I was busy traveling and work travel is hard
  • I had other priorities I was juggling
  • I am good in so many other areas
  • blah blah blah

Here's the thing .. EVEN THE BEST EXCUSE DOESN'T FEEL AS GOOD AS SUCCESS. No excuse was ever going to feel as good to me as actually keeping my commitment. That's really the bottom line for me. So I dusted off all my excuses... and I did the thing.

I wish I could tell you it felt good. It didn't. I hated it as I was doing it. BUT, and this is the important part ... on the tail end of it I said to myself: that was really good for me.

Nothing feels as good as keeping your commitment. Especially when the commitment is to yourself.

To Your Amazing Success, xx