Hello Beautiful.

How have you been feeling about yourself lately? Are you inspired? Or Dissatisfied? Are you energetic, or tired? Are you confident, or withdrawn? Are you peaceful, or restless? If you are not feeling as well as you would like to feel, it could be attributed to a few things:

  1. Lackluster goals which don't inspire you (or no goals whatsoever)
  2. A general sense of not being enough (like you'll never measure up)
  3. Confusion about what you should be doing with your life
  4. Fatigue from not taking care of yourself
  5. A lack of daily rituals or discipline

I know, I know .. sometimes you wonder how I know you so well 😉 Maybe it's because I've been there. Maybe it's because I've helped so many who have been there. Maybe it's because you are in really really good company ... and what you are feeling so many have felt.

Regardless, whatever you are feeling will be underscored, and reinforced, by the messages you are sending to yourself .. about yourself. Sometimes said so often that they become labels: shy, lazy, scared, unworthy, unready, slow, fat, broke, tired, sick, sad, bad mother (or father) ... the list is endless.

The problem is that all of these messages affect your self-esteem. And your self esteem dictates how worthy you feel.

You will only draw opportunities to you that you feel worthy of. You will only draw friends (and partners) to you that you feel worthy of. You will only draw material possessions that you feel worthy of receiving. So, there is a direct correlation between the circumstances in your life, and how well you feel about yourself.

There are no mysteries in life. Outer circumstances always reflect the inner you.

As you go about your life today, whether you are working, dreaming, playing, or preparing, try and pay attention to the frequency to which you label yourself. Every time you catch yourself in self-criticism, switch the thought to self-love. Start changing the messages you send to yourself. Switch up the script. Your life depends on it.

And if you want support to get your life in the direction you desire, contact me about one-on-one coaching. I can get you there.

Much love! xx