Hello Beautiful.

Beneath the surface of your very responsible and busy life is this dream of possibility for something more significant. A dream of fulfillment and accomplishment, where you are living from an expanded version from yourself, contributing LARGE, and reaping the rewards and the fulfillment.

But that possibility calls for expanded behavior from you. Bigger thoughts. Bigger courage. Bolder leaps of faith, and a willingness to be vulnerable and exposed. It's completely terrifying truthfully. Especially when your comfort zone today is, well pretty comfortable.

Settling isn't shameful. In fact it's understandable. But it creates sadness. So to deal with it, most will just let the dream go. Because it's too painful otherwise. I know a little something about this. #debtruth

My goal with these posts, is not to change who you are - but to help you bring to life what you may have hidden, and to step into the greatness of who you are, while holding your hand through the discomfort of growth. Because going it alone is abundantly difficult.

I am certain your dreams are worthy of you. It's why I keep showing up for you. You are a bright, capable, brilliant human being. And if you really want greater fulfillment and meaning, then just say "YES" to it. Have the courage to stand TALL. And watch the universe and all that is line up behind you. Including me.

To Your Amazing Success, xx