Hello Beautiful

Today I want to talk to you about contradictions, and how imperative they are to your success plan. Whenever you have an idea and a desire for something you would like to manifest in your life, and you cannot get progress, there are 3 possibilities:

1. You don't have a strong enough passion for it (it's more of a wish than a calling)
2. You really really want it but your fear looms large and interferes
3. You have an internal contradiction between what you really want, and a belief which is beneath the surface.

For example, you think you want something, but you also have a simultaneous belief "well that's going to create problems for me over here". Or "if I do this, then I will have to let go of that." Or "there is gonna be a heavy price for this, am I really up for this?"

These are the contradictions which halt your progress, and they are all internally generated. As you've heard me say, you are the creator of your experience and that includes your success. The Universe and all that is takes all of its cues from you and will line up behind you as soon as YOU commit.

If you really really want what you say you want, pay VERY close attention to all of the contradictions you send yourself. Bring them to light, challenge them, then make a decision. Forward or backward. You have all the power.

To your amazing success, xx