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An engaging speaker and dynamic facilitator with the ability to move and inspire audiences to new ways of thinking.
Coach Deb is an artful storyteller - poignant, playful and polished. She will uplift and energize your audience so that they walk away with new insights, new confidence, and a renewed "can-do" attitude. PERFECT fit for women's events, management conventions, and entrepreneurial events.

"I hired Deb to close out our Annual Leadership Conference with an energized keynote. Not only did she deliver, but she left a lasting impression long after the event. I still hear from managers who tell me that she was the best part of the day. It was a delight to work with her.  Professional. Polished. Perfect!"

– Jeff Corder, VP AmTrust North America


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Looking for a dynamic, engaging and inspiring Speaker for your next event?

Speaker, Trainer, Success Coach: Deb Stewart

Confidence Coach Deb Stewart empowers women, entrepreneurs and leaders to live and work with purpose. Through her tailored keynotes, breakout sessions and training events, Deb helps those who feel stuck, struggling or self-doubt to:  build a mindset of success, indestructible self-belief and a confident communication presence.

Specializing in feminine leadership, Deb's practical and actionable strategies help women experience life-changing breakthroughs to reach new levels of achievement. Deb loves her work and her passion shines in everything she does. Partner with Deb and you can expect a supportive, uplifting, wholehearted experience. She is a dynamic speaker and mentor who moves and inspires her audiences. Participants will walk away with an arsenal of tools and insight and enough inspiration to rejuvenate their life and business! It's not only her promise, it's her mission!

Women's Confidence and Empowerment Coach Deb Stewart's three speaking platforms

Three Keynote/Breakout Options

1. The Confident Quotient:  Because confidence looks gorgeous on you.

When it comes to success, experts agree that confidence is the number one predictor of success. Confidence drives your consistency, your energy, your influence and your ability to attract opportunities. But where does confidence come from and how can you get more of it?

In this dynamic address, Deb will cover the internal and external aspects of confidence and the steps you can take to boost yours, permanently.

2. Overcoming Fear:  Breaking through barriers to next level success

If there is one thing that holds people back each day from achieving high-level of success, it is fear. Fear keeps us small. Fear keeps us safe. Fear keeps us from achieving our purpose. It can be debilitating, and a dream killer if we let it take hold. So how do we address it and move past it?

In this energizing addresses, Deb tackles the subject of fear head on. She addresses the causes and tactics to overcome that you've never previously heard. Once you understand fear the way Deb explains it, it will never hold you back again.

3. The Feminine Leader:  The Power and Influence of Femininity

As women enter the arena of business and achievement with increasing fervor, there is growing temptation to devalue traditional feminine virtues and adopt more masculine approaches. Traits like competitiveness, aggression and ambition, for example.

In this refreshing address, Deb warns of the mistakes of this trend. Feminine leadership values of relationship building, intuitiveness, collaboration and flexibility are virtues that contribute to success in business and life. Deb shows us how to use these traits to increase power.

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