When You Need Urgent Help

Smart women know when to ask for help. Because even the wisest among us need sound advice and support when dealing with life's tricky situations. And who better than Coach Deb who has been helping women navigate through life's messes her entire professional career - as a Human Resources professional, communications trainer, and life coach and speaker. Coach Deb offers OPTIONS for women who are facing a particular challenge and need objective, confidential support.


When life makes you crazy, get Coach Deb on speed dial!

When you can't seem to move forward

When you need to find the right words and approach

When you need it to change!

When you want objective wisdom

When you need confidentiality

When you need a confidence boost!

When you can't figure out what to do

When you need someone in your corner

When you want Coach Deb's support

For situational events

If you are subscribed to my Daily Debisms, then you've seen exactly the depth of my wisdom and perspective. With 25 plus years leadership communication, I am brilliant in handling life's toughest situations. My extensive Human Resources experience dealing with the most complex people situations has equipped me well to handle virtually every situation or conflict you could be facing. I am also a certified master trainer for conflict management, and clear and assertive communication so I can help you find the right words and approach to get you the result you need. As a professional life coach I am a skilled listener and can quickly get to the root of the problem. But most importantly, I am a woman who has walked through fire. I am immensely compassionate. My wisdom runs deep. And I want to help you.

Recent examples of "Coach Deb Rescues":

Conflict with the mother-in-law: helped her to see another perspective so that she was able to find a way to honor all parties. Helped her to separate fact from story and isolate the bigger issue. Instead of grief and stress she walked away empowered, with a brand new outlook on things much to her relief.

Encouraging Rah-Rah: talked a woman "off a ledge" who was ready to throw in the towel on her business because of her fear. I reminded her of the truth of who she was and the brilliance of her work. This was one powerful, honest rah-rah that gave her exactly the energy boost she needed to get back on track.

Newly single & dating: helped her navigate through the dating process so that she was able to see how her fear of abandonment and loneliness was affecting her dating decisions. I gave her the exact words to use to respond to a suitor who was not giving her what she needed. And then focused on building her confidence.

Fearful Mom: reassured a woman who is a recent empty nester and is very fearful of the decisions her young daughter is making. We made a plan of support for her daughter so that she could send her off well-supported, instead of worry and fear.

Reconnect With Purpose: helped a very talented entrepreneur get back in touch with her purpose of helping others, when she was starting to lose her hope, her purpose and her ambition. I got her to tap into her passion again and helped her realize that turning outward instead of inward was the key to her confidence.

If you need a solution. And you want my support, I have THREE options.

One Session
One hour, one time, one-on-one consultation with Coach Deb, who will listen deeply to your dilemma with compassion and wisdom to help you come to the best possible solution or approach. This includes advice and helping you come up with the right words to manage your conflict. You will feel supported and confident to proceed with the solution so that you can get it behind you. For simpler situations where a single consultation is sufficient.
Two Sessions
One hour initial one-on-one consultation with Coach Deb to discuss your dilemma and get your solution. Plus one hour follow-up call to address any fall-out or next steps. This is for more complex situations, or situations which are long-standing and may have festered. You will feel well supported and will experience a boost to your confidence as you tackle your nightmare.
Three Sessions
For just $26 more you get 3 focused hours of coaching with Coach Deb at her most economical rate. One hour initial one-on-one consultation, plus two more follow-up calls for deep support. This offers includes email correspondence with Coach Deb. These consultations can be used for multiple situations (up to three) over a period of time of your choosing. Having Coach Deb on speed dial is the best gift you can give yourself.

So how does it work?

Choose level of support
Choose which level of support you need for your situation. Know that most situations (especially long standing ones) need more than one coaching session to create a workable solution. And to raise your level of peacefulness.
Check out and pay
Click on the BUY NOW button for your corresponding choice. Once your payment is completed you will be directed to a confirmation page where you will provide your contact information and a summary of the problem you are facing.
Next steps
Once Deb receives your information, she will send you her calendar immediately where you will schedule your one-on-one call. If your situation is urgent (you need same day support), you are encouraged to text Deb directly. Or email directly at deb@coachdebstewart.com