Hello Beautiful

I am Deb Stewart, confidence and esteem coach for women. I help women get the clarity, confidence, and courage needed to get the meaningful life, relationships, and results she's always wanted.

Deb's Mission

Confidence Coach Deb Stewart was born with a mission in her heart: to help women RISE STRONG! Her mission has proven to be a helluva calling. One that was only possible by walking through the fear and growth herself in order to lead the way for women who feel similarly challenged. Her well-earned courage, wisdom and compassion has drawn throngs of women through her popular Daily Debisms, Life Strategy Map, coaching programs, and live events. "Women have so much potential, yet they hold themselves back. They think they are not good enough, talented enough, or worthy enough. It's the lie women tell themselves. My goal is to encourage women to become bold from the inside out, to become comfortable in their own skin, to build their self-belief in order to get what they really really want - happiness and fulfillment."  

Deb's Journey

Deb’s own journey is proof positive that it’s possible to live the dream and love it—with a healthy dose of focus and determination. Her roller-coaster journey from human resources manager, leadership facilitator, assertiveness trainer, cancer survivor, to coach and speaker has paid off. Today this wise, resourceful, and gifted coach shows women that it’s never too late to create the life they truly deserve. With more than twenty five years in the self-development field, her articles and contributions appear regularly in well-read media outlets throughout Canada and the U.S. In her own words: "Your dreams are worthy of youMy job is to get you there, STRONG!"

Her Epic Story 

Deb comes from an extensive, well-rounded business and training background - with twenty years experience in the trenches of corporate Canada, leading the front lines in the rapidly changing banking industry and navigating complex people initiatives behind the scenes as a human resources and training professional. Deb was a dedicated champion of the people and became known for her ability to inspire the troops while driving for business results. Numerous awards and accolades recognized her impact and contributions. Armed with a passion for inspiring greatness, Deb began using her talents, wisdom and enthusiasm to inspire others towards purposeful living – speaking and writing on the topic to enthusiastic audiences across Canada. This experience sparked her own journey of renewal where she made the brave decision to walk away from her lucrative corporate career in exchange for what she defines as her “purposeful path”. This included being signed on by a premier provider of business training to deliver conflict management training, communication, and assertive communication training to women. An assignment which took her across Canada and the U.S.

Then Her Life Fell Apart

Her path was not easy. Dotted with difficulties, stops and starts, self-doubt, a marital breakdown and a cancer diagnosis, Deb's resolve was tested. Scared, suffering and alone, Deb decided to collapse her entire life to prepare for the life she both wanted and deserved. This included selling and donating everything she owned - from the dream house she worked her entire life to get, her collections and mementos, to her vast shoe and handbag collection. If it did not fit in three suitcases, she no longer owned it.  When all was said and done, she had $306 in her wallet, a failed business, no job and no husband. She was terrified. But she was free. She had a dream. And she believed. The rebuilding process took time. She went back to the basics. She aligned herself with supporters, mentors friends and allies. She refocused, got clear, decided what she wanted, and one step at a time, one foot in front of the other, she paved a new path. A beautiful, purposeful, love-filled, authentic path.

Deb's Promise

Now standing on the other side of this experience - happy, healthy, successful, with tremendous wisdom and compassion, Deb shows other brave and purposeful women how to find their path and achieve their  dreams. Deb loves her work and her passion shines in everything she does. Partner with Deb, and you can expect a supportive, uplifting, wholehearted experience. She is a dynamic speaker and mentor who moves and inspires her audiences. You will walk away with an arsenal of tools and insight, and enough inspiration to rejuvenate your life! It’s not only her promise, it’s her mission.